Hazel's House 2012



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Thanks for everyone who helped with Hazel's House Thansgiving dinner! It was a huge success, we were able to provide a home cooked Thanksgiving meal to over 200 people. We couldn't have had a better day, the weather was beautiful, the food was great, and most of all we got to love on a lot of people!!


Christmas 2012

It's not even December yet but Hazel's House is already preparing for Christmas. Thanks to the kids at Faith Life Home Educators Group for giving to Hazel's House.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

In our neighborhood shoes are an issue. 

We will often have children show up at Hazel's House in shoes too big, shoes too small, or no shoes at all.  This is one of those situations that we looked at and said "what can we do to help?"

With the support of many generous donors we were able to provide new tennis shoes for 30 school age children.

Thank you for making this possible.

Bon Fire & S'mores

Bon Fire & S'more night to honor Ms. Arianna's birthday. At Hazel's we will use any excuse to have a party and no better way than to celebrate one of our amazing leaders birthday. We had a great time hanging out with the community, eating s'mores and hot dogs.

Summer Bash At Hazel's House