Hazel's House of Hope and Girls with Attitude is unique. 
We often have people ask how this all began. 
What began in our hearts as a dream to help get some women off
the streets, it evolved into a lighthouse in the urban areas of
After helping start a crisis center in the Franklinton area of
Columbus, and then assisting a friend as she opened her first
sober living house Dan & Cindi Gremling, founders, were offered
the use of a home off of Parsons Avenue on the southside of
Columbus.  It was a home vacant, and near ruins.  As they began
to work at the house they realized that this was not the place to
rehab girls, as they could sit on the front porch and watch the girls
work the corner, and watch the addicts go in and out of a house
where a lifelong friend had died 6 years earlier.
What happened next came as quite a surprise, as they fell in love with the neighborhood.  A block of 32 houses, with at least 30% of the homes boarded up.
One evening while sitting in their rural home, in the knotty pine family room, in the leather chairs, with the big screen tv, and the deer on the wall (get the picture?  now the Daniel House) Cindi looked over at Dan and said "we should move to the city, at least for the summer to create a presence".  Dan's responsed shocked even himself as he responded "that could happen".  And that was the beginning of how we became urban missionaries, and pilgrims.
We moved into the first house the summer of 2011, and spring 2012 located to the second house, also located on the southside of Columbus.  Spring 2013 takes us to the Miller/Kelton neighborhood to establish and set up a Hazel's House there.  We also had a house on the Hilltop donated spring of 2013, and that Hazel's House is slated to open April 2013.
We have been blessed with awesome people, fellow pilgrims who have come around us to support, and further the work of the kingdom. 
We thank and honor all who works along side us.  To live in the homes, cook meals for the groups, donate money, clothes, food, time, effort, energy, administrative support, clean, organize...and many thankless hours in prayer.  Thank you for all you do!!
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